St George Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service


CAMHS is a specialist mental health service for consumers under 18 years old or consumers who are currently enrolled in secondary school. We offer short to medium term assistance to infants, children, adolescent and their family and carers who are experiencing emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. We used both individually tailored and family focused interventions to the improve the wellbeing of the consumer.

What to expect?

Our multidisciplinary team will collaborate with the consumer, their family and carer to match and provide the best care. We offer comprehensive assessment, advocacy, counselling, group programs and other services. This includes:
•Individual therapy, Family therapy and Group therapy
•Referrals to other community health care providers
•Linkage to school-based supports
•Offer home-visits under some circumstances
•Arrange family focused support to consumers with moderate and severe health difficulties that are non-life threatening (non-acute)

  • Mental Health
  • Health
  • Case work / Counselling
  • Family support